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 Sparky653's Dragon Type Gym

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Sparky653's Dragon Type Gym Empty
PostSubject: Sparky653's Dragon Type Gym   Sparky653's Dragon Type Gym EmptyMon May 25, 2009 8:01 pm

No Ubers (Except For Latios and Garchomp)
Single Battles Only(Lv.100)
Follow Standered Gym Rules
Only 3 Of Your Pokemon Can Have The Same Iteam
Only 1 Pokemon Asleep Burned or Frozen (No Paralyzing)
If You Lose You Have To Wait 1 Day Until You Can Battling Me Again
You Can Only Use 5 Ice Type Rules Since Mostly All Dragons Have A 4x Weakness To Ice

xD Stole The Rules From Legendary Zappy Boy:D

Those Are My Rules

Good Luck To All Of You!
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Sparky653's Dragon Type Gym
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