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 Ayeg Im on Fiyah!

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King Of Clubs

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Ayeg Im on Fiyah! Empty
PostSubject: Ayeg Im on Fiyah!   Ayeg Im on Fiyah! EmptyWed Jun 03, 2009 12:48 pm

Been here for a while might as well do introduce now (BRING UP MY POST COUNT!Bump c?) I go by a lotta names Bibarel most popular you can be formal and Call me Quan i am 13 and Representin' Florida! School is out fo r me so More forum time! I am a huge pokemon fan heres a moment in teh past i was like 7 it was Advnanced battle or Johto Journeys So i missed an episode then i started crying yeah im that intence about pokemon xD True story.... any way! My Favs are

Friends : Any one i hang around with
Music : Rock and Jpop oh and i love music by IMREALLYWHITEYO
Pokemon : Bibarel/GASTRODON/Cacturne/BANNETTE ((Altough mine hates me in the game but i luv it) /And the godly M-karp ((My magikarps rap name)) / AND CAMERUPT!
Shows : Pokemon All of em Family guy Yu gi oh all of em Bakugan Dinosaur king CSI (All of em as well) and NARUTO!
My hates
Music : Emo and goth bleh
Pokemon : i hate the ungodly Numel
Shows : Well i hate any show that is Girly but Powerpuff girls i love! I hate Law and Order itsa little to boring for me
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Ayeg Im on Fiyah! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ayeg Im on Fiyah!   Ayeg Im on Fiyah! EmptyFri Jun 05, 2009 4:57 pm

lol i hate law and order too >.< and numel is ugly



Ayeg Im on Fiyah! Typhlosion_signature_by_Zeovalguar1
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Ayeg Im on Fiyah!
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